What is the Defence Digital Foundry

The Foundry is an alliance of teams which design and deliver digital services across the Ministry of Defence (MOD). Sharing skills in digital excellence, we provide user-centric platforms, products and services that make the most effective use of data.

Our mission

We are modernising Defence thinking on delivering cutting-edge digital services by:

  • providing expert knowledge in a timely manner
  • sharing best practice and agile ways of working to create user-centric solutions
  • meeting relevant UK government and Defence standards

Who's in the Foundry

Engine room

Supports the Foundry through evaluating project requests, budgets and workforce planning.

For more information, email the Engine room.

Digital communities

Develops skills, shares guidance and maintains standards to support and grow communities which deliver excellent digital services.

For more information, go to the Your community page of the Defence Service Manual.

Defence Digital Services (DDS)

Builds teams to quickly and efficiently deliver products and services across Defence.

For more information, contact Defence Digital Services.

Foundry platform services

Builds and provides platforms and services for teams to reuse so products can be delivered quickly and cost-effectively.

For more information, email Foundry platform services.

Defence Artificial Intelligence Centre (DAIC)

To achieve strategic objectives, DAIC champions:

  • the use and understanding of artificial intelligence (AI)
  • digital teams across Defence who adopt AI solutions
  • development of innovative AI projects that can be used widely

For more information, email DAIC.