Start with simple designs

Make sure your service is easy to use by starting simply and using existing patterns.

Services for users in Defence

You need to reuse components already used in Defence.

Before you start, check the MOD.UK Design System.

It helps you build services that are:

  • consistent with other Defence services
  • accessible
  • easy to maintain

Services for citizens

If your service is for members of the public or hosted on GOV.UK, use the GOV.UK Design System.

It helps you build services that:

  • are familiar to citizens
  • consistent with other GOV.UK services

Using images and videos

Before adding images and videos to your service, get evidence that your users need them to complete a task.

If your users do not understand written content, try to improve it before creating a video. Videos are expensive to make and difficult to change.

All images and videos in your service must be accessible.

Find out more about designing for accessibility.

Official images and videos

If your users need images or videos, check the MOD library.

You can use images and videos from the library for anything related to Defence without worrying about licences or copyright.

Updated February 2023