D2S offers a common platform and set of tools that make it faster to build new software. Using our shared service makes it easier to reuse software to meet users' needs around Defence. Our services include:


We provide a secure and assured cloud-native application platform to help you quickly develop digital services at OFFICIAL and SECRET. You can use industry-leading DevSecOps tools to build your CI/CD pipeline.

You can use the D2S//Platform to build applications that can be a mix of your own code, open-source and off-the-shelf solutions.

If you’re building a low code application, check to see if the Foundry Automation Centre of Expertise (ACOE) can help.

What is low-code?
Low-code is a visual approach to software development that enables faster delivery of applications through minimal hand-coding.

Find out more and request access to the D2S//Platform.


We provide a set of collaboration, management and productivity tools to better manage your digital delivery team.

D2S//Tools helps you to:

  • build and manage digital products for OFFICIAL and SECRET information
  • use licences, securely configure, back up and risk assess tools
  • resolve issues by providing technical support and answering your queries

You can find out more about the tools D2S provides and how to get them.


If you are building Defence software, we want you to join and contribute to the Defence Software Developers Community of Practice (CoP). You can share your experience, learn from others and discuss building software development across Defence.

To ask for an invitation, contact the D2S team.


As a D2S user, you can reach out to our live support team to raise tickets for any incidents or issues. Additionally, we provide documentation, blueprint repositories, and online learning modules to help you use the platform. You can also engage with the D2S developer community to get support and advice from current users.

Contact the D2S team to find out more.