Who uses our service

We help teams across Defence to access, analyse and publish data so they can make faster and better decisions.

As a single user or part of a larger team you can improve Defence outcomes with your data, in a secure environment, using approved tools that are ready to use.

To use our services, you need authorisation from your line manager. If you’re a partner, you’ll need an MOD sponsor for your project.

How we can help your data project

Quickly access our environment to:

  • work on projects of all sizes
  • use tools on a virtual machine to carry out deep analysis
  • build, publish and host data analytics tools

Analyse your data:

  • in your own environment where you can store and work with your data
  • using resources that scale with demand
  • by bringing data sets together in one place for analysis
  • by creating your own data pipelines


  • data sets with other MOD teams
  • your work with partners without having to use MODNET devices
  • your insights from high-quality data for evidence-based decision making

Tools that are ready to use

You do not need any specific software on your machine as all services are accessed through your web browser.

We offer:

  • data science and analytics notebooks
  • machine learning operations, libraries and pre-trained model repositories
  • data visualisation and dashboarding
  • data workflow automation
  • data labelling
  • data storage
  • distributed version control
  • continuous integration and continuous development (CI/CD)
  • support for containerisation

Find out more about tools.


DDAP offers operational support from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, to make sure:

  • you are onboarded
  • you have access to optional tools as needed
  • we can resolve incidents and queries


You will be charged for cloud usage costs and maintenance licences.

For more information on costs, email DDAP.

Get started

Email DDAP and tell us how you will use our service.

When we approve your request, a team member will take you through the onboarding process and help you to fill in a form.

We will then create a “tenant” - your own platform area and tooling for your users. Once your tenant and user accounts are set up, you can use our platform.

For more information

The DDAP is part of the data fabric which delivers the Data Strategy for Defence.