We offer industry standard, approved tools which are ready to use. For more information, email Defence Data Analytics Platform (DDAP).

Virtual desktop

Use a secure virtual desktop environment to interact with DDAP services.

Object storage

Use object storage for data of any type with industry-leading security, scalability and performance.

Data loading

Add batch or custom metadata tagging to the data you upload.

Malware scanning

We will scan all uploaded data so it’s malware-free. Data which may have malware is quarantined.

Data pipeline and process orchestration

Orchestrate data and process flow, machine learning (ML) model processing or custom extract, transform and load data (ETL).

Relational database

Store data in a relational database structure.

Data integration

Create an object metadata store. Automatically detect schemas for data held in object storage to use with analytics services. Extract, transform and load data (ETL).

Analytics services

Easily access different data source types from one place. Perform analysis on object stores using Structured Query Language (SQL) without having to load data into a relational database structure.

Data science environments

Use a notebook-based data science environment for Python, backed by graphics processing units (GPUs).

Source code

Create analytics applications in an industry-standard integrated development environment (IDE).

Code control and CI/CD

Ensure all code is managed in your own secure environment with CI/CD capability and your own CI/CD runners.

ML experiment tracking

Support ML experiment tracking and manage model life cycle from training to production.

ML data version control

Audit data sets fed to ML models using version control.


Deploy containerised analytics applications to your own Kubernetes (K8s) namespace, keeping your data and processes separate from other service users.

Search engine

Index and search data. Carry out full-text queries, natural language processing, and create custom dictionaries. Search structured and unstructured data.

Data visualisation and dashboarding

Visualise the insights from your data. Group visuals together to tell your data story.

MODNET integration

Share your data and analytics applications on MODNET and with other DDAP users.